Very First Post

You’re going to love this blog.

That’s my mantra as I write my first blog posts, decide upon a name for the blog, figure out how to use WordPress, prepare a posting schedule: you’re going to love this blog.

You’ll love it because it has review of books you want to read, or have thought about reading, or are on the fence about reading, or didn’t even know existed but now you want to read after reading the review, or want your teen (excuse me, young adult) to read.

You’ll love it for the tips on how to make your book club easy-peasy and special-er, or for the opportunity to share how your book club is super awesome too.

You’ll love it for being that place you can come to for inspiration for starting your own writing journey because you’re not Stephen King who has been writing since he was 7.

These are the thoughts I focus on while attending to the (what feels like) millions of details needed to launch and sustain a blog, but that doesn’t mean the other thoughts aren’t clamoring just as loudly.

You’ll hate this blog. You won’t know this blog exists. You’ll think this blog is a big dummy-dumberson blog for stupid people written by the stupidest of them all.

But we all have those thoughts, don’t we? Any time we undertake something big or new or scary? So I’m pushing on to give you the best darn blog you will probably love.

You can help. Write comments that add to the discussion, like posts (or don’t—that’s a bellwether too), suggest content or books for review. The best part of writing for a blog is interacting with widgets…no, I mean people. You found this blog because you love to read. You’re my people.

Let’s get our love on.

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