Book Review: A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

Sometimes a book hunts you until you read it. Whatever social media you use, whomever you talk to, every time you turn around—boop! There it is! V.E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic was one of those books for me. Having finally succumbed, I can add this book to my “liked” pile for its world-building and interesting characters…and move on to other titles that may strike a deeper emotional chord.

The story follows Kell, one of only two Antari—rare and powerful magicians—left in the parallel universes of Black, Red, White, and Grey London. Although he lives in Red London, the London that thrives on living magic and where he enjoys a life of privilege, Kell is not content. He feels like an outsider with no real purpose, and turns to smuggling trinkets between the Londons to inject some excitement into his life. When a relic of Black London, the London destroyed years ago when its magic turned ugly, shows up on the scene, Kell must partner with anti-hero Lila Bard, a self-serving thief, to ensure it stays safely out of evil hands.

As the first book in a trilogy, Schwab takes time in A Darker Shade of Magic to fully develop the different Londons and describe the magic system that relies on a manipulation of elements—including blood and bone. Through the characters’ explorations, we feel the drab hopelessness of Grey London, the violence of White London, and the sumptuous ease of Red London. As a result, the story progresses somewhat slowly in the beginning, with the two main characters, Kell and Lila, not even meeting until well into the book.

Once the relic from Black London is introduced, the pace accelerates. The stakes are high: characters die at the hands of vicious, psychotic villains. This is where some of the character motivations seemed weak. Lila, who hates being indebted to others, suddenly joins up with Kell because he helps her out of a tricky situation, and because she longs for adventure. In contrast, the emotional impact you expect when someone close to her is attacked is not fulfilled.

This passing attention to the character’s inner emotional lives also presents itself in the budding romance between Kell and Lila. They kiss—briefly—but there is no heat, not even a spark to set the stage for a growing attraction. Frodo and Sam have more chemistry. You could attribute this tame approach to the genre, but although I read it thinking it was Young Adult (YA), I later discovered the book was written for an adult audience. And really, having just re-read Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone trilogy, where the love triangle (quadrangle?) is humming, the relationship development in A Darker Shade is disappointing.

That is not to say that I didn’t like Kell, Lila, and the other characters, because I did. They were complicated and conflicted. Following the modern ideal, Lila is a strong female character that bunks more traditional tropes. The fight scenes were also well-done, at least until the final battle, when the victor triumphs using a rather unimaginative trick.

Perhaps the story continues to build and the emotions deepen in A Gathering of Shadows (Book 2) and A Conjuring of Light (Book 3)? The latter was released in February 2017 to rave reviews, with Kirkus including the book on its Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2017 list. Schwab’s world-building and characters are intriguing enough to keep me reading, but I might let the hunt linger while I read other hot titles.

Overall: 3 Stars (Liked It)

Titles Mentioned

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A Darker Shade of Magic (Book One)
Author: V.E. Schwab
Published: February 2015
Print Length:  401 pages

A Gathering of Shadows (Book Two)
Author:  V.E. Schwab
Published:  February 2016
Print Length:  513 pages

A Conjuring of Light (Book Three)
Author:  V.E. Schwab
Published:  February 2017
Print Length:  624 pages

The Shadow and Bone Trilogy (Shadow and Bone; Siege and Storm; Ruin and Rising)
Author:  Leigh Bardugo
Published:  November 2015

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"You know so little of war. Battles may be fought from the outside in, but wars are won from the inside out." • 🔴 • Q: What's your favourite thing to snack on when you're reading? 🔴 It's been far to long since I posted a pic for #schwabstagram! I enjoyed this series so much! @veschwab is an incredible author and I'm so excited to read more of her books now that I own all of the rest! This pillow was Christmas gift from @missobsessmuch, the notebook was won from @printedalphabet giveaway and the mug is from @redbubble art by @silketara! I will never tire of getting lovely merchandise of this series. It's all just so perfect. 🔴 #readgushjan18 Day 15: Diverse characters • #lbctolkien Day 15: Loyal companion Rhy is the ultimate loyal companion. Kell is so lucky to have him as a brother and friend. • #janinbooks18 Day 15: Character with super power I'm counting the Antari here. Because, well, they're awesome. • #bookishfaves17 Day 15: Favourite book pet I love Esa. She's like grumpy cat 😂 • #grimdragon Day 15: Food is good for the soul Cookies are soul food. 🔴 . . . . . #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booklove #booknerd #booknerdigans #bookphotography #bookishmerch #veschwab #victoriaschwab #lilabard #kellmaresh #rhymaresh #alucard #adsom #adarkershadeofmagic #shadesofmagic #shadesofmagicseries #agatheringofshadows #aconjuringoflight #teaandbooks #silketara #fandomreading #astravars #stasreskon

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