With Love from the Inside: Expansion Pack

Cover of With Love from the Inside by author Angela PiselI’m counting down the hours until the Wine Lovers Book Club meets to discuss With Love from the Inside (that would be 24, to be exact!). When any subset of the ladies see each other before book club, it’s so tempting to start discussing the book. But that is CHEATING.

Is it cheating to publish the Expansion Pack before book club? Hmmm….

Interview with Angela Pisel

You won’t get very far into the book before a sneaking suspicion will dawn that Pisel isn’t a fan of the death penalty. She talks about why in this interview with Blogcritics. As a bonus, she shares the main concept for her next project.

Characters Behind Bars

Pisel interviewed dozens of women prisoners in her attempt to capture the realities of prison life, but while the book includes some gritty scenes—like Grace’s strip searches—it seems fairly tame for a book featuring a death row inmate. Reading With Love from the Inside started me thinking about other books I’ve read with characters behind bars, like The Count of Monte Cristo and White Oleander. Both are worth a read!

What books have you read featuring incarcerated characters? Post in the comments!

Reading Challenge

Have you committed to any reading challenges in 2018? No? Well, if you read With Love from the Inside, consider yourself on your way to meeting these 2018 challenges. Feel free to brag to all your friends on Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr.

2017 Throwback (#2017throwback): Read a book each month that was published in 2017

2018 A-to-Z Challenge (#2018AtoZChallenge): Read a book starting with every letter of the alphabet in 365 days

2018 Michael Jackson Reading Challenge: With Love from the Inside might fit in a few categories, but definitely “In The Closet – Read about secrets, has secret in the title, or about someone coming out of the closet”

2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge (#popsugarreadingchallenge): Fits the “A book about a problem facing society today” category

Favorite Bookstagram

Hey, any book club where people dress up as the main character is okay in my {book}!

Titles Mentioned

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